The Inspiration Behind: ‘RHG’

Authors’ Note:

Some years ago I picked up a novel by Colleen McCullock entitled ‘The Thorn Birds.’ Shortly after I read ‘Kane and Able,’ by Jeffery Archer. Although many years later it was these two novels that inspired me to write ‘Right Hand Up To God.’
In the ‘Thorn Birds’ it was the domination by the Roman Catholic Church over the lives of its characters, and in ‘Kane and Able’ it was the way in which two complete strangers can influence the destiny of each other without ever meeting face to face.
(My sincere to thanks both Colleen McCullock and Jeffery Archer)
Now all I needed was a theme. I had grown up with nightly reports from Northern Ireland of the futility of the I.R.A. and its struggle against the British government and its population.
In ‘Right Hand Up To God.’ I have brought these three not insignificant themes together in this epic tale of abuse, religious bigotry, compassion, romance, and love.

(Locations: Florida Everglades, Cuba, London, Edinburgh , Belfast U.K., Queensland Australia, Santiago Chile, The Vatican City Rome, New York, and Geneva Switzerland.)

This novel is a work of fiction. All events are a complete figment of my imagination.


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