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 Real Dingo














Princess Sheeba was inspired by my own dog Sheeba. From the moment I first saw her on death row at my local dog pound I knew I had to have her. Having spent considerable time in the Australian bush, I was also convinced that she was in fact, at least in part ‘Dingo.’ I will let you judge for yourself. The first picture posted here is of a real dingo (left), the second is of Sheeba (right).


See 3 0f 10 Chapters in my side panel.

(Footnote: Princess Sheeba is copyrighted Ó . Should anybody be tempted to plagiarise my work I will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action.)
 Listed below are just a few of the many comments received for ‘Princess Sheeba’ while I was in the writing process on Webook.com and Authonomy.com
  I wonder what M.J. Croan’s voice sounds like. Within the first few paragraphs of Princess Sheeba I’m hearing an Australian voice in my head as he paints a picture of the outback through a kookaburra’s eyes. And it sounds just right.

Kaz is going walkabout (or should that be fly-about) when he finds a lone dingo struggling and about to give birth. Intrigued, Kaz protects the dingo and her pups. But when man approaches, it’s harder to keep her safe.

The smallest pup, Princess Sheeba, seems not to have a chance. But Kaz isn’t called wise for nothing. In a story that ranges through the wilds of Australia, the author introduces animals and men, both friendly and foul. Kangaroo strength, dingo determination and kookaburra wisdom combine till Kaz’s little family finally find home in this exciting tale. At 56 pages, it’s a fairly quick read, a great book for kids and adults alike, rewarding and full of authentic descriptions bringing land and animal to life.

Sheila Deeth (http://www.refracted-muse.com)

Should this be a movie? I think that would be grand – but with your skills as an author, I think perhaps seeing it all unfold in the imagination is superior to cinema.
CA_Little Wow! I let my youngest brother read it and he LOVES it.

Kendall Craig (Educationalist)
Do you know, I am surprised at myself here. This is so far removed from what I would ever look at.  I dont watch Disney films etc) and whilst I wouldn’t read this myself, I was thinking of reading it to a class of children and how enthralled they would be and how there was so much, just in the first chapter that I could discuss with them. I could also visualise it as an animated feature. It may look odd against my other book choices, but it is going to go on my shelf! 
 Besides being a very close and astute observer of the natural world, you’re also an extremely talented writer: your precise, vivid physical description gives these living things a second life, and your tight, fast-paced narrative does full justice to nature’s often brutal design.
Princess Sheba, both the dingo and her story, are truly wonderful.
You do wildlife really well – I noticed that in your other book, but here, taking the perspective of the animals, you create a sharply observant, convincing and enjoyable tale. I really liked the way that Kaz takes the Dingo and, in particular, the ninth pup under his wing, as it were. – A. Stanley.









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  1. Hello! I love your blog site – I found you at the author’s marketing powerhouse. Good luck with your book! Sheeba is beautiful 🙂

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