One To Ponder On



We are the only beings ever to have inhabited this planet, that have ever questioned our environment, and in so doing we will almost certainly destroy it.

A Succession Of Accidents.

In six days God created the heavens and the Earth, and on the seventh he rested. Well we know now that is not what happened. Indeed there was a big bang; our ever-expanding universe proves that.

So now we ask ourselves: ‘Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets.’ There must be, say the astronomers, and mathematicians; there are billions of other stars and planets out there, other solar systems, other galaxies, how could we possibly be the only inhabited planet? I too used to share this view, and still do to some extent. At least I do not deny the possibility; but just pause for a moment or two and consider.

Accident One: Take a large container of marbles and throw it high into the sky and watch them fall. Can any two groups land in exactly the same co-ordinates, size and formation to exactly replicate each other? I would suggest no. (Mathematically impossible) A Sun precisely the correct distance from an Earth. A Moon, with exactly the right gravitational pull to stop the Earth being drawn into the Sun, or careering off into Space. A Jupiter, with its mass and protective gravity, and a host of other planets, that play their part in our very existence.

Accident Two: Ah yes you might say, but it could happen. Ok, lets say that it did. What have you actually got? A fiery planet busting out from within, and bombarded by space debris from without. For millions of years devoid of the one thing needed to create and sustain life; Water! Then along comes a massive asteroids, or even less likely a succession of asteroids all containing a frozen mass of h2o.

Accident Three: Life begins, and throughout countless millennia evolves into a hostile word inhabited by dinosaurs. Now we are told that man could not have co-existed alongside dinosaurs. So for millions of years they are the dominant species on this planet. Then form the infinity of space, exactly on the right, precise collision course with Earth comes a meteorite big enough to wipe out all known life and plunge its host into countless years of icy darkness, and out of this chaos, the primates evolve, and eventually Homo Sapiens emerge.

Accident Four: I don’t know what accident four is, but I do know that there is no direct line of succession from the primates to modern man; there is still a missing link?

One final thought: Another gigantic meteorite, they are out there? Solar flares with immeasurable destructive power, they happen? Massive volcanic eruptions capable of plunging our world into another dark age, they have happened before? Tidal waves, its said that there is an volcano in the Canary Islands that is ready to collapse into the ocean, and when it does will create a tidal wave large enough to wipe out the entire east cost of the United States as far inland as fifty miles?

I would suggest that there are many ‘accidents’ yet to come, not least of which is ‘Global Warming,’ but there again it would be no accident.


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