Mae A Culpa


The human desire, to believe in a god.

Is rooted so deep, and is nurtured abroad.

Be it Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu or Sikh.

Their grip is the same, and their hold is mystique.

I don’t mean to judge, but I cant help but wonder.

How many evils committed, and lives torn asunder.

With conviction and abuse, we invoke the lord’s name.

We should look to ourselves, and find the true blame.

As for me I was raised, in the all powerful and just.

Do as your told, be good and don’t cuss.

I tried as a youth, to follow this creed.

But grew into a real world, where only realists succeed.

It is difficult to pray, to what seems like a lie.

Until death looms suddenly,

Oh Dear God, please don’t let me die.


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