Glorious Hope

(Dedicated to the love of my life, my partner, and my best friend.)


Through the chill of spring time haze,

Dawns the promise of longer days.

Gone the winter cold, not yet, but soon,

Signaled by an awe-inspiring bloom.

One knows at least the worst is past,

Tomorrow perhaps the sun at last.

With it comes renewed belief,

Of hope, of love, of no more grief.

And so I know, as seasons must,

A change in me is bound at last.

As with these words I self inspire,

Engulfed with new consuming fire.

I feel the heat that is breaking through,

It’s time I know to start anew.

And now my days dawn crisp and clear,

I look to her to still my fear.

She fills my heart with love, with joy,

But most of all with hope once more.


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