I can but remember the first time I saw you from afar.

Unaware of my distant gaze, yet to me a gentle blissful star.

Even before you were aware of my very existence.

All it would take was my gentle persistence.

When first we met my heart skipped a beat.

Your eyes so sparkled, your smile so sweet.

I knew then that there could be no other,

That our love would blossom and last forever.

Do you recall the day we spent by the sea.

We lay in the sand caressed by an oh so gentle breeze.

That first touch of your lips left me dazed and meek.

I needed you so in my world to keep.

Now time has slipped bye, the years have past yonder.

But my love for you could be no stronger.

So soon again my love, we will be reunited.

Our love, as one, for now and everlastingly.

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