The sky is dark and the black clouds of doom hang low in thunderous threat.
My head turns to the heavens in my futile search for an almighty God.
But if he ever were our creator, he has long since abandoned us to our own misery.
Whence once I was consumed by his light, I now turn away in ignominious self-doubt.
Violence and pestilence now inhibit my world; new Gods of destruction hold sway.

In the time served battle between right and wrong, good was sacrificed on the alter of greed.
How much more devastation can my world sustain before it retreats back into a wintry morass.
Already the great caps both north and south recede and swell the mighty seas once temperate.
Air not fit to breathe both choke and suffocate with gasses from mans arrogant indulgence.
Again I look to the sky, but the clouds burst in a torrent of acid rain; the beginning of the end, Amen.

A smog-tainted sky that once we called heaven, weeps an acrid precipitation.
Falling, falling, falling, to earth to dilute and disperse invisible malady. Man’s bequest.
Through sod, peat, and sand it flows to our streams, reservoirs, rivers, and seas.
A food chain once so abundant dwindles to a mere handful of regulated quotas.
Waters of life, Gods greatest gift to mankind, once free to all, per liter we now pay.

Chimneys belch; spewing forth man made plumes of vaporous fumes our lungs to stunt.
Automobiles stretch nose to tail, mile upon endless mile in smug flatulent disrespect.
We have the means to reverse this conceited desire to defile our world, once so beautiful.
Let not the currency of self-indulgence be our idol, there is a higher being, another God.
Are we not created in his majestic likeness, are we not the product of his benevolence? Amen.


‘Global Warming A Warning.’
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