“A Glimpse At The Past”


An autobiographical account narrated in a series of short stories of some of the more colourful, and not so colourful periods of my life.  We all have regrets in our past lives, but given it all over again there is little I would change.

When does a life begin?  When you are held up by the ankles and slapped on the butt, or when you first take responsibility for your own future?  For me it was on the smoky platform of a train station, when my parents waved goodbye and I was dispatched to an all boys boarding school, just under a hundred miles from everything I held dearest. 

I was eight years old and would be a minor for another eight years, but from that moment on, I knew that I would be responsible for my own destiny.In time I would rebel and abscond from that male scholastic domain, and life would transport me to almost every corner of the world.  It had endowed me with good looks and personable personality, but it had also plagued me with an insatiable desire to move on and see what lay over the distant horizon.


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