Words Of Wisdom.

Philosophy is the verbal knack of forcing ones self to search for the truth beyond the obvious
The flaw in being civilized is that it permit’s the uncivilized among us to perpetrate horrific crimes against us in the name of freedom and equality.



Recklessness is the province of the young, because they care not for the values of materialism.



How can anyone change the class system when the working class is proud to be working class? The middle classes are content to be middle class, and the upper class believes it is their inherent right.



In the context of time we can only be held responsible for our own sins, and that responsibility can only be measured by the strength of our own consciences.



Could god in all his wisdom give man the gift of reason and then expect him to have faith.



It is one thing to be free; to be ignorant and free is to be imprisoned.



Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not the center of it.



Socialism means the same reward for those without capability as for
those with, regardless of effort.


There is no nationalism beyond the grave.

Money is no different than water; it can only run down hill.


Life without excitement is like sex without a climax. A waste of time, and not worth getting up for.


I dislike routine, but I am a creature of habit.


There are two types of love making, the second only a mistress can provide.



Does good always win out over evil, not always; But in the end it must, or there is no hope for any of us.



Reincarnation, what a wonderful thought! Unfortunately, without memory the past does not exist?
Life can be wonderful, and then again sometimes it sucks,

wouldn’t it be great if we had an ignore button?


Within a normal lifespan on this planet, one is obliged to make a difference.


If our children are the future, then our actions are their inheritance.


Nothing is for free. Ask Adam.

To whom do we pay the price? Ask Eve.


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