Free Gift By Way Of Appreciation.

Sitting on a dog park bench in St John’s Newfoundland watching my dog Sheeba, I convinced myself that she was at least in part ‘Dingo.’ Having spent many years in Australia, I reasoned I was a pretty good judge. Then in my mind a story began to emerge. That story is now a soon to be published kids/young adult/adult novel, entitled ‘Princess Sheeba’ and set in the Australian Outback.

By way of my thanks to any fans that purchase my published novel ‘Right Hand Up To God’ I will forward online a PDF, or Word copy of ‘Princess Sheeba.’ (Second in’s members vote last year. RHG was first.)

One recent young reader described ‘PS’ as the next ‘Lion King.’

She would have been euphonised had we not taken her. There was never any question.


4 Responses to “Free Gift By Way Of Appreciation.”

  1. I like everything about you. The message about ships passing in the night. The dingo story. Will buy it if I can.
    sonia Meyer

  2. Did you see any Newfoundland dogs in Newfoundland? We have one and they’re amazing pets.

    Sheeba is beautiful and I’m very excited to follow your progress on ‘PS’!

    Good luck and keep us posted,

    Wendy Snodgrass

  3. What a lovely dog! Your book about Sheeba sounds wonderful.

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