My life flowing arteries are chocked by the spoils of man.
Whence once they fed the mighty oceans the world to span.

My regenerative forests are decaying with the toxic fleme of acid rain.
It stunts my growth and inflicts a terminal, weeping, creeping pain.

Fires ravish my body and stifle my breath.
Asphyxiating, acidic fumes hang heavy upon my breast.

My moods are erratic, my seasons lost.
Where once I was temperate, mighty storms I now boast.

I flex my power in such an awesome way.
Let not mere man stand in my way.

For I will cast him aside, my spirit to save.
I will not perish by the hand of a weakly knave.

My oceans will swell and my breath will heave.
Mother nature is my soul, let not man deceive.

Flames and pestilence will mark my scorn.
At such a cost, I will survive, I will be reborn.


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