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Thank you for visiting my blog. As a small token of my appreciation for your interest in my writing, please feel free to request a free digital copy of ‘Right Hand Up To God.’ Simply contact me below/comment, or by e.mail (see side panel ‘Contact’) with your e.mail address.

In return I would ask only two small favours. After reading ‘RHG’ you come back and leave a comment, and that you consider purchasing ‘RHG’ as a gift for family and friends over the coming festive Christmas Season.

Enjoy, MJC.

All book purchases are followed up with a signed personal note from myself.


“PS” Now on Sale.

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Now published in papperback edition:  Buy Now Short Link: 

 ‎’Princess Sheeba’ the heart warming story of a dingo puppy is now available from Your kids will love it, and so will you.
Only $3.99  (See synopsis, and sample chapters in my side panel.)

You can learn how to get a free PDF copy of ‘Princess Sheeba’ here:

Latest Review from Frugal:


The Great Escape

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This is the scholastic male bastion I absconded from at aged twelve. You can read more about it in my side panel/The Early Years/The Great Escape.

‘Right Hand Up To God’

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Not just a thriller, it’s an International, Global must read.  A young girls journey from the poverty of the Florida Swamps, to the opulent wealth of Geneva Switzerland.

Can purchased in any High Street bookstore simply by quoting the TITLE, and the ISBN Number: 1449535410

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‘Right Hand Up To God’ reviews, and BUY Now link:

I am more than happy to discuss this video, or my book with any interested parties.  I can also be found on Facebook, contact Malcolm J. Croan.

The Authors Show “Right Hand Up To God’

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This is a recording of an interview I had with Don McCauley on The Authors Show on July 1st 2010. Entitled ‘Right Hand Up To God.’ In it we talk a bit about my past, but mostly about the above named title and how it came to be my first published novel.

McCauley Radio and TV host.

Princess Sheeba on Utube.

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Click link to view book video.